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Pile of Copper Pipes

Overeem Gas & Plumbing Projects

Overeem Gas & Plumbing have had the opportunity to be involved in some really exciting plumbing, gas fitting & heating projects. We'd like to share some of them with you here, or check us out of Facebook.

Our projects have included some well known businesses in Hobart as well as some award winning private homes.

Take a moment to have a quick look at some of the projects we're a bit proud of, and see what Overeem Gas & Plumbing is capable of!

  • Lark Distillery Ongoing & comprehensive works at Lark's cambridge distillery.
  • Creek Street, Lewisham Construction of an environmentally sustainable solution to a septic problem in a tricky area.
  • Mercury Press Hall Overeem were engaged to provide hydronic heating, plumbing & gasfitting services for the Award Winning Redevelopment.
  • Longley's Road, Huonville Installation of an advanced Enviro-Septic system.
  • Sunny Banks Road, Middleton Beautiful architecture, rural plumbing, on-site wastewater, solar thermal, this project is 100% Overeem.
  • Thalia Haven Ongoing maintenance and capital works at this premium East Coast accommodation.

Lark Distillery

Lark Distillery is a prestigious distillery, widely recognised as the pioneering whisky distillery of Tasmania.

Their recent rapid expansion has led to ongoing works at their Cambridge site, which Overeem Gas & Plumbing has been heavily involved in.

Stage 1 of development involved the construction of 2 new bond stores, installation of a fire protection system and rainwater storage.

Because of the high flammability of the whisky, a foam injection fire suppression was required!

Due to some complications with the engineering, Overeem went to some extraordinary lengths to find a suitable solution for the foam injection system. The final solution is an ongoing project.

Why not check out Lark Distillery for a tour or some great whisky!

Creek Street, Lewisham

This property includes a 5 bedroom home that was previously served by an under-sized septic system.

Due to the close proximity to nearby waterways, and the limited space for a suitable land application area, we initiated the engagement of a geotechnical engineer to provide an environmentally sustainable solution.

The final design was a raised bed land application area with pressurised discharge. All works, including the construction of the raised bed structure were completed by Overeem Gas & Plumbing.

Mercury Press Hall

This historically significant project in Hobart was completed mid 2015 and has since won the Award for Commercial Architecture at the AIA 2015 Tasmanian Architecture Awards.

Originally the City Motors showroom, this landmark is now home to Franklin Restaurant, Tasmanian Juice Press, Pigeon Whole Bakers and the Core Collective Architects’ studio.

Overeem fulfilled the Plumbing, Gasfitting and Hydronic Heating requirements for the entire project.

This project was particularly enjoyable because Overeem were given the flexibility to use our expertise in a way that supported the overall philosophy of the Architect, Ryan Strating, from Core Collective Architecture. Our input on this project was highly valued, and this has led to further projects with Core Collective and the Builder, In2 Construction.

Longley's Road, Huonville

This project in Huonville involved the installation of an Advanced Enviro-Septic system.

There are several benefits of this type of system over other waste treatment systems.

Benefits Compared to Standard Septic:

  • Much greater advanced secondary treatment of effluent
  • Smaller footprint than traditional septic land application area.

Benefits Compared to AWTS (Aerated Wastewater Treatment System)

  • Natural aeration process
  • No power usage
  • No maintenance of moving parts
  • No costly quarterly servicing
  • Treated effluent to at least the same standard (advanced secondary) in most cases.

Sunny Banks Road, Middleton

Overeem Enterprises (involving both Overeem Hydronic Heating were specified as plumbing & heating contractors on this beautiful project by Core Collective Architecture.

This was a project that fell squarely within the Overeem niche. Our expertise in rural plumbing systems, on-site wastewater, solar thermal, pumps and rainwater storage, and high end architectural work allowed us to design and construct all the hydraulic systems on this build.

This beautiful home has the following features:

  • Standard septic wastewater treatment system
  • Under-slab circulated hot water system in conduits for future access
  • Custom Greenland Solar hot water with horizontal flat tube collectors, gas boost and circulated hot water integration
  • Three rainwater storage tanks with Zenox pressure pump.

Thalia Haven

Thalia Haven, situated on Tasmania's east coast is a beautiful retreat set on a private 130-acre wooded peninsula surrounded by the waters of Great Oyster Bay.

Overeem Gas & Plumbing perform the ongoing maintenance and capital works at this unique premium accommodation property

This property an off-grid home that operates using wind, solar and gas power generation, solar thermal hot water and gas heating.

Recent upgrades performed by Overeem Gas & Plumbing include:

  • New Kohler gas generator - Installed and maintained by Overeem
  • Upgraded solar hot water systems
  • Upgraded gas heating
  • Upgraded water supply pressure pump with standby pump integration
  • UV filtration on domestic water supply.

Check out Thalia Haven.