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Hydronic heating offers a complete heating system for your home or commercial premises. It provides a highly efficient heat source that is also aesthetically pleasing and affordable to run.

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Hydronic Heating

Have you been thinking about a hydronic heating system? If you are looking for an efficient, elegant and effective heating system that warms your entire home or business, this is definitely for you.

A hydronic heating system heats by circulating hot water through radiators or pipework in your floors or walls. It is unobtrusive and efficient and becoming increasingly popular in architecturally designed homes, and sensitive renovations.

We are highly skilled and experienced installing hydronic heating systems in a range of homes and buildings. In fact, we are leading the way in hydronic heating installations in Hobart.

Air Conditioning

Did you know that Overeem Gas & Plumbing service split system heat pumps? It’s a great time of year to get a service and we take care of all makes and models. You can also join our periodic maintenance register so your system is always running at its best.

Some of the benefits of regular servicing:

  • Lower power bills
  • Better heating and cooling
  • Fewer repairs
  • Better air quality

Installation & Benefits

Overeem provide provide high quality and professional installation services for hydronic heating systems. Whether you are installing in a brand new home of retrofitting to an existing home, our highly experienced staff can advise of the best way to get the most out of your heating system.

We believe that the elegance, efficiency and low visual impact of a hydronic heating system makes this one of the best ways to heat your home or business and we are very happy to work with you to make sure that you are warm and comfortable inside – not matter what is happening outside. Thermostat control means that you can simply set your ideal temperature and let the system do the work. You’ll also be able to enjoy the health benefits of non-recirculated air.

Available heat sources

What type of heat source suits your home and your lifestyle? You can install a new heat source to power your hydronic heating, or install the best option for your home and your budget.


Hydronic heating is a cost-effective form of in-home heating that combines smart energy with innovative technology to produce the most efficient heating system.


Heat from the sun used to heat your hydronic system is a great way to access free, clean energy. You can use this system in conjunction with other heating to ensure year round supply.


Geothermal heating is sourced from below the ground to provide a consistent heat. While it’s not cheap to install, it can offer over 500% efficiency and suits someone with a long term plan.

Gas Boiler

Hydronic condensing gas boilers are the most common heat source and are usually the cheapest option to install. This is a great option that works well for Tassie homes and businesses.

Wood Gasification

By adding forced air to a wood or pellet-burning boiler it burns far hotter. This high combustion temperature releases gas that can be harnessed to nearly double the heat energy output from the solid fuel. This is a great option if you have plenty of wood available.

Hydronic Air-Sourced Heat Pump

Air-sourced, much the same as Geothermal heat pumps, use a refrigerant circuit to make use of low-level heat available in nature. This heat is brought in at ambient temperatures and transferred to the refrigerant gas, which is then compressed to raise the temperature to a point where it is usable in hydronics. These systems are by far the most suitable for Tasmania.


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