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Sanitary Plumbing and HVAC/Mechanical Services

Tinderbox Road

Likely one of the largest single-residential projects in Tasmanias’ history, we were privileged to be awarded both the sanitary plumbing and mechanical services for the project, collectively worth in excess of $2M. This project was an opportunity to showcase all of the skills and abilities on offer at Overeem.

Sanitary Plumbing:

The site is entirely off-grid from a hydraulics perspective, so all fresh water delivery, wastewater and stormwater was required to be sourced and disposed of on site. Due to the large site area and extensive landscaping, peak irrigation requirement is in the order of 20,000L per day, necessitating the requirement for the use of both rainwater and bore water, with reverse osmosis treatment to potable quality of the bore water. Additionally, all drinkable water is passed through carbon filters and UV disinfection. Total storage of water on site is just over 400,000 litres!

The sanitary piping network, both internally and externally is extensive, including two drinking quality supplies, two non-drinking, fire service, gas, hot water flow and return, sewer, pumped sewer, stormwater, pumped rainwater, tank transfers, civil stormwater, RO overflow and more. That’s not including the mechanical services!

All plumbing fixtures are of the highest quality, including self-flushing toilets with heated seats and in-built bidets, freestanding stone baths, boiling and chilled water dispensers, and beautiful basins and tapware.

The wastewater treatment system is a twin-tank commercial grade unit, and there are two additional pump stations, all of which are monitored by the building management system, which also provides full remote control of the water storage and delivery system.

Mechanical Services:

The mechanical services is an incredible piece of work! The geothermal system includes 15 vertical bores to 60m deep using a revolutionary coaxial geothermal probe. This energy is then harnessed by 4 Stiebel Eltron Geothermal heat pumps, providing heating and cooling water for all operations in the home. These operations include screed heating, fan coil heating, trench heaters and a radiant panel, ducted cooling, pool and spa heating.

Entirely integrated into the building management system, the controls are completely automatic. The plant room is a work of art and all pipework except for the screed coils is copper with brazed and formed joints, which is a skill that has largely been lost in the plumbing industry.

This project is a “once in a career” opportunity, particularly with the breadth of skill required to achieve such an amazing final result!