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Plumbing & Wastewater

Maudsley’s Road

A high-end architectural project incorporating stone construction and roof-trusses built from an old bridge. The new home is situated no more than three metres from a large private trout-fishing lake.

The Lake House is truly unique… and it needed a unique heating system! This beautiful home is nestled in the wilderness, within metres of its own private lake. The lake represented a rare opportunity to provide geothermal heating via closed-loop coils in the lake. This type of design is identical to ground-sourced geothermal, minus the digging or drilling! Our team designed a large frame made from PVC. The geothermal “slinky coils” were secured to all sides of the frame and then the frame was floated into position out in the lake. The frame was then flooded and weighted to send it to the bottom. An additional feature of our frame design is that we have connected two pipes to the frame that are used to either flood with water or air, providing the ability to re-float the collector if ever required!

The geothermal side then connects to a Stiebel Eltron 16kW brine-water heat pump, which provides heating and domestic hot water to the home. Heat is delivered into the home via an in-screed heating system, plus aluminium diffusion plates under the spotted gum floors in the bedrooms. Domestic hot water recirculates around the home, dlivering almost instant hot water to all outlets.

This solution fits so well with the architectural philosophy of the home. Overeem are both thankful and proud to have been involved with this special project.