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Lark Distillery

Lark Distillery

Lark Distillery is a prestigious distillery, widely recognized as the pioneering whisky distillery of Tasmania.

Their recent rapid expansion has led to ongoing works at their Cambridge site, which Overeem Gas & Plumbing has been heavily involved in.Stage 1 of development involved the construction of 2 new bond stores, installation of a fire protection system and rainwater storage. Because of the high flammability of the whisky, a foam injection fire suppression was required! Due to some complications with the engineering, Overeem went to some extraordinary lengths to find a suitable solution for the foam injection system. The final solution is an ongoing project.

Stage 2 has now been completed. This involves an extension of the distillery including new industrial hot water system, reverse osmosis, trade waste treatment upgrade, fire system upgrade and additional water filtration. This will allow Lark to dramatically increase production. Additional stages will be upcoming

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